Need a Wi-Fi network that covers your entire building without compromising speed?

Do you want to provide your staff with the ability to move around the office but remain connected at all times? assistTec can design and build wireless network solutions designed specifically for your business.

How We Work

assistTec offers the complete wireless solution to match your needs and requirements

Wireless Survey

We have highly skilled wireless surveyors to provide both Predictive / Offsite and Onsite Surveys to create a solution thats right for you

Wireless Design

We consider specific requirements of the network, environment and the client to offer solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and high performing

Wireless Network Implementation

We have a dedicated team of wireless engineers who can supply, install and configure your entire wireless network.

Wireless Configuration & Testing

We work very closely with our clients to help integrate the new wireless network solution into their existing network environment.

Brands We Work With

We are non-vendor-specific and can offer tailored solutions to meet the client’s needs and budget

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Wireless Network


We present technical solutions and schematic drawings for all our proposals.

Wireless is ideal for environments where cabling is difficult or impractical or where temporary or highly flexible solutions are required. Fibre is usually used for a backbone link which increases bandwidth levels for better video performance and 10 Gigabit transmissions. assistTec can provide the total fibre install: Install, Termination, and Testing.

Some examples of where a wireless network is ideal:

  • In a listed building
  • Access network requirement from the far end of a warehouse
  • Real-time stock control using hand held or forklift mounted devices
  • Access to the internet or email from any point of the building
  • Where hard cabling networks are not viable
  • Connecting together several separate buildings on one site
  • Setting up connections to eliminate cable crossing dangerous areas i.e. railway sidings

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