Office design can help increase your employees’ productivity levels and boost their sense of job satisfaction. When they feel entirely comfortable in the office, they will naturally feel more motivated, levels of creativity, focus and innovation will go through the roof and your business will benefit!

Here at assistTec, we can create an inspiring office design and refurbishment to help you create this engaging and unique environment. Find out more about our Office Fit Out.

Here are some tips on how you can design your office workspace for maximum productivity.


Office design trends come and go. One day, the latest research will proclaim that one particular office layout works best for productivity, then a few months later, the opposite appears to be true.

That’s why here at assistTec, we like to take a different approach. We believe that every business is unique and should benefit from a working environment 100% tailored to their needs. This includes designing your office layout.

So, when creating your office layout plan, start by considering the unique needs of your business. What sector are you in? What tasks do you need to complete? What would work best for your team? Will you be welcoming customers or clients onsite?

It’s best to include a combination of open spaces for collaboration, meeting rooms, and private rooms for solo work if required. Adaptability is key here too you should be able to transition seamlessly from task to task, without unnecessary disruption.


The ideal office temperature for comfort and productivity should be warm, at around 20-25°C. Anything colder and your staff will dislike being in the office, anything hotter and your staff will feel sleepy, sweaty, or both.

Make sure there is plenty of airflow throughout the office and that you can adjust the heat according to the season. For those hot summer months, ensure you can open your windows or install air conditioning. For the winter, check that your radiators or other sources of heat are in full working order.


Optimal lighting is key when it comes to creating a productive office. Aim to welcome as much natural light into the building as possible and maximise its effects using mirrors and blinds. Position the office desks where they can benefit from this light without the effects of glare.


To further boost productivity in the office, consider adding green leafy plants to your office design scheme.

Studies show that plants reduce stress, clean the air, boost our mood, and can even enhance engagement. Invest in plants that the whole office can love and encourage staff members to bring their own favourites from home too.


Create a dynamic office workspace and you can unleash your employees’ full potential and reach your business goals with ease. Start by considering your needs then use this information to design the right layout, temperature, and lighting scheme for your team. Want more help designing your ideal office workspace? Contact us today