Wireless Solutions

AssistTec offers the complete wireless solution to match your needs and requirements.

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Wireless is ideal for environments where cabling is difficult or impractical or where temporary or highly flexible solutions are required.

Whether you require enterprise level high bandwidth connections across town from one site to another, or a small internal Local Area Network (LAN), AssistTec can provide wireless solutions that are tailored to your individual needs that will be reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Our initial site survey will identify signal strengths and wireless coverage required to establish the number of access points.

We present technical solutions and schematic drawings for all our proposals.

Some examples of where a wireless network is ideal:

  • In a listed building
  • Access network requirement from the far end of a warehouse
  • Real-time stock control using hand held or forklift mounted devices
  • Access to the internet or email from any point of the building
  • Where hard cabling networks are not viable
  • Connecting together several separate buildings on one site
  • Setting up connections to eliminate cable crossing dangerous areas i.e. railway sidings

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